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News Tuesday, Sep 25 2018

QUICK CLIP: Rick Scott Embellishes His Success As Governor

Sep 25, 2018

Rick Scott’s campaign is largely built on his “success” as governor. But Scott’s talking points don’t line up with the facts: from a prolonged environmental disaster, to a history of obfuscation and lack of transparency, Scott isn’t what he claims to be in his campaign ads.

Now, Spectrum News’s Troy Kinsey is calling Scott out for some creative accounting he’s used to boost the state’s economic numbers:

“It is a prime selling point for Governor Rick Scott and Tallahassee’s majority Republicans as they campaign this fall, that over the past eight years Florida has paid down $10 billion of debt, earning the state top tier credit ratings.

“It all sounds very impressive, but a new non-profit government watchdog report out today finds all is not as it appears…the report argues that state leaders have been using an accounting gimmick to keep nearly $20 billion worth of pension debt off the books.

If it were accounted for in the current fiscal outlook, the state would have a $19 billion budget shortfall. It all highlights what critics say have been a lot of sugar-coating going on when it comes to Florida’s finances.

“Once again, Rick Scott is abusing his office to help his Senate campaign,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “And once again, Floridians are holding him accountable and poking holes in his carefully crafted campaign message. Voters will take note.”

Watch Spectrum News expose Scott’s sugar-coating here:

Watch the full clip here.

Published: Sep 25, 2018

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