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News Friday, Jul 13 2018

QUICK CLIP: Floridians Blast Rick Scott's Algae Crisis: "Have Him Bring His Children Here"

Jul 13, 2018

WINK News in Fort Myers is reporting that Floridians are being forced to abandon their homes due to Rick Scott’s algae crisis, as medical experts advise residents to stay as far away from the toxic algae as possible.

Floridians are blaming Rick Scott for years of lip-service and inaction that has caused the current algae crisis: 

“Have him bring his children here. All of these politicians that want to turn up and give us empty promises and answers,” Fort Myers resident Joanne Kreise told WINK News. “I feel like they’re just abandoning us.”

Rick Scott’s administration isn’t even picking up the phone: “She says her husband’s been on the phone all day and they can’t seem to get answers for this problem.”

Watch WINK News’s report on Floridians suffering from Rick Scott’s algae crisis here:

Published: Jul 13, 2018

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