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News Thursday, Mar 29 2018

QUICK CLIP: Doug Ducey's Gun Hypocrisy

Mar 29, 2018

Doug Ducey was threatened on social media in 2015 by a mentally ill man with an AR-15 — who was barred from buying a gun, but got one through a private exchange. Ducey was protected by taxpayer-funded bodyguards keeping him safe — but he’s failing to keep Arizonans safe from the same private sale loophole.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, Doug Ducey has proposed a school safety plan that does nothing to prevent people from getting guns through private sales in Arizona.

Last year, Ducey even banned background checks on private sales, like the one used by a mentally ill man to threaten him, and according to 12 News Arizona’s Brahm Resnick, “Governor Ducey’s school safety plan wouldn’t do anything to change that.” 
According to former ATF agent David Chipman, the gun show loophole is “a gaping loophole that fully undermines the effectiveness of our gun laws.”

Doug Ducey may be safe from dangerous weapons in the Governor’s Mansion, but Arizonans will never be safe while this loophole still exists.

Watch the full clip here.

Published: Mar 29, 2018

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