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News Thursday, Aug 6 2015

Questions For The Varsity Lettermen

Aug 06, 2015

At this evening’s 5 pm kids’ table debate, the JV candidates were racing to the right — doing and saying whatever they could to get some attention.

Their outrageous comments and proposals — putting mosques under surveillance?! — raise some questions that the 9 pm varsity lettermen need to address:

1. Donald Trump — What more need we say… “[He’s] dominating the conversation.” He’s sure to dominate the conversation — the rest of the candidates don’t stand a chance.

2. The Donald’s driving the immigration dialog 
— Early debaters were bitter about the Donald’s big lead, but it sure seemed like they agree with him on immigration. It’s safe to assume the varsity candidates agree with him, too.

3. Assault on earned entitlements and benefits 5 pm debate candidates were gunning for entitlements. Trump and co. are sure to agree.

4. Tax cuts for the wealthy to address poverty? It doesn’t make sense, but we’re sure to here more of this from the 9 pm candidates.

5. Anti-choice extremists. We know where they stand — it’s one of the few things they’ve been clear on. The Donald wants to shutdown the government to defund Planned Parenthood — who’ll join him tonight.

6. Constitutional amendment to end marriage equality. We’ve heard it from Walker, Cruz, and others. So this won’t be a surprise.

7. Race to the right — Bush, Walker, Rubio, and the other 9 pm candidates will try to race Trump to the right, and they’ll get close, but they’ll never catch him. 

Published: Aug 6, 2015

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