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News Tuesday, Feb 28 2017

Put Up or Shut Up on Obamacare Repeal and Replace

Feb 28, 2017

“The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has demonstrated that repealing the Affordable Care Act would tear health care coverage away from tens of millions of hardworking Americans AND that no Republican alternative can insure nearly as many people. That’s why Republican members of Congress are panicking and avoiding thousands of outraged constituents across our country. Yet still Donald Trump’s Obamacare ‘replacement’ plan, which he promised would be superior to Obamacare, is nowhere to be found.  The time is here, and the question is, do you keep your promises or not?” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah.

Donald Trump told the American people that he would release a “repeal and replace” plan “almost simultaneously” with the confirmation of Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services:
  • Donald Trump, 1/11/2017“We’re going to be submitting, as soon as our secretary is approved – almost simultaneously – shortly thereafter, a plan.  It’ll be repeal and replace.  It will be essentially simultaneously. It will be various segments, you understand,  but will most likely be on the same day or the same week, but probably the same day.  Could be the same hour. So we’re going to do repeal and replace.” 
Tom Price was confirmed over two weeks ago…crickets:
  • New York Times, 2/10/2017: “Tom Price Is Confirmed as Health Secretary”
Donald Trump also told The Washington Post in mid January that he was nearly finished with a “repeal and replace” plan which would mean “insurance for everybody”:
  • Washington Post, 1/15/2017: “President-elect Donald Trump said in a weekend interview that he is nearing completion of a plan to replace President Obama’s signature health-care law with the goal of ‘insurance for everybody,’ while also vowing to force drug companies to negotiate directly with the government on prices in Medicare and Medicaid.”
However, today Donald Trump begged-off a question from Fox News about his continued lack of a “repeal and replace plan,” as CNN reports that are ‘bracing” for his message tonight.
  • Donald Trump, 2/28/2017: “I think we have a great plan, and I think Congress is absolutely taking a lot of blame.  But it’s not their faulty.  Don’t forget, I’ve only been here for like four weeks. Somebody said, ‘he hasn’t done health care.’ They’ve been working on healthcare for thirty years. I’ve only been here for, what is this, my fifth week? And we’re set to propose a plan.”
  • CNN, 2/28/2017: “Republicans brace for Trump’s prime-time message on Obamacare”
Do his words mean anything?

Published: Feb 28, 2017

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