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News Gun Safety Wednesday, Jun 15 2016

Portman Puts Partisanship Over Keeping Guns Out of the Hands of Suspected Terrorists

Jun 15, 2016

Senator Rob Portman is politically posturing on the terror watch list gun ban — and it’s going very, very poorly. Yesterday, Portman admitted that he didn’t know that he voted against preventing suspected terrorists from purchasing guns in December:

Portman initially maintained that the Feinstein amendment only applied to the federal no-fly list – a smaller list of people and had no due-process provisions. But after checking with an aide, the senator yielded that “maybe we had this wrong.”

When reporters asked if he would support the gun safety measure now, the senator “did not give a direct answer.”

Portman’s irresponsibility on this matter is incredulous. Forty-nine innocent Americans lives were taken on Sunday, yet the senator is still hedging his bets. Portman’s confusion is not simply a case of incompetence — he and his office are waiting for a signal from Washington Republicans. Portman’s partisanship trumps the safety of Ohioans and Americans from potential terrorists.

Published: Jun 15, 2016

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