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AB Leadership Monday, Jan 23 2012

POLITICO's Arena: Is Newt An Embarrassment?

Jan 23, 2012

From POLITICO’s Arena:


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie heavily criticized presidential candidate Newt Gingrich yesterday, saying he has been “an embarrassment to the party.”

Christie, a staunch Romney supporter and surrogate, blasted Gingrich on NBC’s “Meet the Press” for his ethics violation fine and losing the speakership in the House, saying that “sometimes past is prologue.” Gingrich is also still taking heat for a recent interview featuring his ex-wife, in which she noted that Gingrich once asked her for an open marriage.

Is Gingrich an embarrassment to the GOP? Or is his win in South Carolina a sign that voters are willing to forgive his past?

Rodell Mollineau, President, American Bridge 21st Century:

The real embarrassment for the Republican Party is that this is the best slate of candidates they could field. South Carolina was just won by a part-time candidate, and the only thing he has done well during the campaign is feign indignation.

This speaks to a serious disconnect between the Republican Party establishment and voters. For the establishment, Mitt Romney was the inevitable nominee. But to voters, he is a candidate who can’t be trusted, is known to say anything if he thinks it’ll help him get elected, and whose massive personal wealth blinds him to the real struggles that working class American families are facing. That is why Republican primary voters have been so desperate to support anyone but Romney.

We see the same disconnect between congressional Republicans and the American people. Americans wanted a Congress that would set aside their partisan differences and work with President Obama to fix our nation’s economy. Instead, they’ve been rewarded with congressional Republicans fixated on social issues, and who’ve placed winning elections above helping the American people.  It’s no surprise they’re reluctant to support the candidate who has puts profits and elections above personal values, Mitt Romney.

Published: Jan 23, 2012

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