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AB Leadership Friday, Sep 16 2011

POLITICO: Romney changes tune on 'socialism'

Sep 16, 2011

“Mitt Romney told CNN yesterday that unlike Rick Perry, he doesn’t think it’s wise to decribe Barack Obama as a socialist.


Said Romney: “I don’t use the word socialist or I haven’t so far, but I do agree that the president’s approach is government heavy, government intensive, and it’s not working.”


But the Democratic research and tracking group American Bridge points out that Romney’s comments are not entirely consistent with his past descriptions of President Obama: In his 2010 book, “No Apology,” Romney warned that Obama was moving America in the direction of European-style socialism.

“It is an often-remarked-upon irony that at a time when Europe is moving away from socialism and its many failures, President Obama is moving us toward that direction,” Romney wrote.

Saying that Obama is a “socialist” is not exactly the same thing as saying the president is “moving us toward” socialism. But there’s not a huge meaningful distinction.”

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Published: Sep 16, 2011

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