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News Monday, Jan 30 2012

POLITICO: Connie Mack Relishes Newt-Stalker Role

Jan 30, 2012

On January 29, 2012, POLITICO reported:

The fourth-term Florida congressman hoping to unseat Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson hasn’t just emerged as Mitt Romney’s top Sunshine State surrogate in the run-up to Tuesday’s critical vote. He’s gone all in as an unapologetic attack dog, popping up on conference calls and crashing Newt Gingrich campaign events to antagonize the candidate in person.


But Mack’s big splash into the presidential race has also earned him enhanced media scrutiny.

After Mack’s critique of Gingrich for not talking about profits he made from Freddie Mac, The Miami Herald uncovered that the congressman had turned a profit off its cousin company, Fannie Mae.

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Published: Jan 30, 2012

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