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AB Leadership Tuesday, Jan 4 2022

PEOPLE Are Talking About American Bridge 21st Century’s Influencer Initiative

Jan 04, 2022

From celebrity magazines to right-wing propaganda outlets, newspapers continue to give us roses for American Bridge 21st Century’s influencer initiative that targets a diverse group of women in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania with influencers and podcasters. 

A recent six-figure ad buy features a trio of former Bachelorette contestants who explain how President Biden’s American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill lower costs for families and small businesses

People: “Three former Bachelorette contestants are publicly voicing their support for the Biden administration and its recently passed infrastructure bill, appearing in an ad aimed at women in three battleground states.”

People: “In the ad, the three praise the Biden administration for the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan passed in March and $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill signed in November.”

The program uses new and creative strategies to reach women voters who are tired of politics after 4 years of Donald Trump, have low trust in traditional news sources, but have greater faith in messages delivered from nonpolitical influencers.

People: “‘We have to meet voters where they are and build trust with them, which requires new and creative strategies to reach the voters who delivered our victories in 2018 and 2020 and who will decide our fate in 2022,’” PAC president Jessica Floyd said.”

The paid media campaign has been so effective that even our fans in far-right “media” outlets are taking notice.

Breitbart: “In the campaign, The Bachelorette contestants praise the two spending plans as ‘something positive that’s happening right now regardless of your political views.’”

Hot Air: “This is part of American Bridge 21st Century’s six-figure media program targeting women in three key states – Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Podcasters are also being used. The president of the PAC admits it’s a tactic aimed at women voters.”


Published: Jan 4, 2022 | Last Modified: Jan 5, 2022

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