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News Tuesday, Oct 4 2016

Pence Is A Shameless, Yet Ineffective, Trump Apologist

Oct 04, 2016

It’s Mike Pence’s job to make Donald Trump look more “presidential” tonight, but he’s failed before he even started.

For months, Mike Pence has done nothing but agree with and defend Donald Trump’s sexism, bigotry, and fearmongering. And Pence is more than game to try spinning Trump’s self-dealing and pay-to-play (with other people’s money) scheming at the Trump Foundation.

But far from making Trump suddenly appear “presidential,” Pence’s desperate efforts to spin and normalize Trump’s racism and con artistry only serve to make Trump look unfit for office and Pence look, well, desperate. 

Watch “Donald Trump’s Clean-Up Man” here.

Published: Oct 4, 2016

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