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Dave McCormick Mehmet Oz Thursday, Mar 24 2022

PA’s $40M+ Scorched Earth GOP Primary

Mar 24, 2022

Today’s Fox News headline says it all: Pennsylvania is home to most expensive Senate race in nation.”

According to AdImpact data reported by Fox, Pennsylvania’s GOP U.S. Senate candidates have already spent more than $40 million on (largely negative) ad spending — predominantly driven by Mehmet Oz, David McCormick, and the hedge fund billionaire-funded outside group supporting McCormick’s campaign.

On top of those Fox-reported numbers, just this morning, that hedge fund billionaire-backed group, Honor Pennsylvania, disclosed to the FEC another $700,000 in spending attacking Oz on McCormick’s behalf.

Here’s how that $40-plus million in ad spending has played out for Pennsylvanians on the receiving end:

Fox News: Pennsylvania is home to most expensive Senate race in nation

By Paul Steinhauser, 3/24/22

  • “Oz and McCormick are the two biggest spenders in what’s currently the most expensive Senate race across the nation in this November’s midterm elections.”
  • “As of Wednesday afternoon, nearly $50 million has been spent by the candidates and their campaigns as well as outside groups, such as super PACs, to run ads in Pennsylvania ahead of the state’s May 17 primary in a key Senate race that may well determine whether the Republicans win back the chamber’s majority.”
  • “The figures, provided by the national ad tracking firm AdImpact, indicate that the vast majority of the spending is currently in the GOP Senate primary ($40.2 million) rather than the Democratic primary ($9.7 million).”
  • “According to AdImpact, Oz is the top spender, shelling out $13.8 million to run ads on TV, radio and online, with McCormick dishing out $10.3 million. Currently in third place in ad spending is Honor Pennsylvania, a pro-McCormick super PAC that’s been targeting Oz in its spots.”

Read the full report here.


Published: Mar 24, 2022

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