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Wednesday, Feb 24 2016

Party of Trump Hands The Donald Another Victory In Nevada

Feb 24, 2016

With a strong second place finish in Iowa followed by crushing first place victories in New HampshireSouth Carolina, and now Nevada, it’s getting harder and harder for the GOP establishment to deny that their party is the Party of Trump.

The GOP may just be starting to acknowledge the “Trump nightmare,” but while the party was spinning in circles downplaying The Donald’s strength, Trump won another primary and the rest of the field continued their shameful race to the right to mirror his extreme positions and hateful rhetoric.

What’s even more troubling for the GOP tonight? Trump reportedly had “no real ground game” in Nevada and still cruised to victory without paying much attention to the state. GOP voters showed yet again that they are all-in for Trump and a party that stands for xenophobic fearmongeringamateurish foreign policyopposition to a pathway to citizenshiptax plans that throw hardworking families under the bus and attacks on women’s health.

After a Trump sweep of the early states, it’s time to grab the popcorn and tune in for the GOPanic that’s sure to follow as the establishment tries to deny that their party has become the Party of Trump.

Published: Feb 24, 2016

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