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News Environment Tuesday, Oct 2 2012

BRIDGE BRIEFING: Romney And The Environment

Previously said Carbon Was Not A harmful Pollutant And Questioned The EXISTENCE Of Global Warming

July, 2011, Romney Said Carbon Is Not A Harmful Pollutant To Human Bodies. According to Mitt Romney says he doesn’t think carbon pollution threatens human health and would not green-light EPA climate regulations if he were in the White House. The GOP presidential candidate signaled the reversal to one of the Obama administration’s top environmental policies during a town hall meeting Thursday in Derry, N.H. This came about six weeks after he acknowledged during a campaign stop that global warming is real, a statement that won him praise from Al Gore. ‘I think we may have made a mistake,’ Romney said Thursday in response to a voter’s question about EPA regulating air pollution from coal plants under the Clean Air Act. ‘We have made a mistake is what I believe, in saying that the EPA should regulate carbon emissions. I don’t think that was the intent of the original legislation, and I don’t think carbon is a pollutant in the sense of harming our bodies.’” [Politico, 7/18/11]

News Wednesday, Jan 6 2016

Sorry, Marco — You're The One Not Funding Troops

Fresh off his complaining that senators and congressman are useless in the face of a president's ability to set the agenda, Marco…

News Tuesday, Nov 10 2015

Party Of "Family Values" Says No To Paid Family Leave

The party of "family values" opposes letting working Americans spend more time at home. Republicans regularly say that stronger families…

News Thursday, Jun 22 2017

Healthcare Experts, Organizations​ Condemn Backroom Senate Trumpcare Bill 

The Trumpcare bill that Republican Senators developed behind closed doors is being met with forceful opposition from healthcare experts and…

News Thursday, Jun 22 2017

American Bridge Statement on Leak of the Senate's Back Room Trumpcare Bill 

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah released the following statement after the Senate Trumpcare bill, which has been developed in…

News Wednesday, Jun 28 2017

Trump admits the Senate Trumpcare bill would gut opioid funding

Today, Donald Trump admitted that one of the primary concerns that blocked the Senate from voting on the Trumpcare bill…

Press Releases Heidi Ganahl Tuesday, Jun 28 2022

Who is Heidi Ganahl, Winner of the CO-GOV GOP Primary

After a contentious Republican primary filled with anti-abortion extremism, election conspiracy theories, homophobic remarks, and a plan to eliminate Colorado’s…

Ted Budd Tuesday, May 17 2022

Statement on North Carolina GOP U.S. Senate Primary

“Ted Budd has regularly voted against North Carolinians' best interests [...] repeatedly proving he cannot be trusted to stand up…

Kari Lake Friday, Feb 25 2022

Kari Lake Pays Campaign $ to Felon Who Attempted to Hire Hitman

Today, Salon reported that Republican candidate for Arizona governor Kari Lake has spent thousands of campaign dollars to Kenneth Ulibarri, “a repeat violent offender who…

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