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News Wednesday, Jul 22 2015

Jeb Bush Doubles Down On Hypocritical Swift Boat Support

Jul 22, 2015

Jeb Bush just doubled down on his criticism of John Kerry’s war record from 2004. When asked today about his comments on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad against the then-presidential candidate, Jeb still stood by the ad.

According to The Guardian, “In a radio interview with Sean Hannity, Bush said that he didn’t think the group’s attack on Kerry was “a smear.””

Meanwhile when Donald Trump insulted John McCain’s war record, Jeb and the rest of the Republican field were outraged. Jeb’s hypocrisy on the 2004 ad is a reminder that their outrage doesn’t cross party lines.

Watch the full clip of Jeb talking about his support of Swift Boat below:

Published: Jul 22, 2015

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