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Monday, Jun 7 2021

Our New Virginia Ad

Jun 07, 2021

‘Relief’ Highlights Impact of American Rescue Plan on VA Small Businesses

American Bridge 21st Century released a new ad highlighting the American Rescue Plan’s success providing support for small businesses and working Virginia women while helping the commonwealth’s economy recover from the pandemic. ‘Relief’, which begins airing in the Richmond market this week, features Amy Rose, a mother, veteran, and small business owner from Kents Store, Virginia whose business was helped by the American Rescue Plan and President Biden’s leadership. The ad is part of a seven-figure program targeting suburban women in Virginia in 2021 and the latest in American Bridge 21st Century’s $100 million midterm campaign to communicate President Biden’s successes directly to voters in key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia

“Working moms and small business owners like Amy Rose are at the center of every decision made by Joe Biden’s White House. In passing the American Rescue Plan, President Biden and Democrats in Congress delivered on their promise to get help to those who needed it most,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd. “From putting checks in pockets and shots in arms to extending lifelines to small businesses like Amy Rose’s, President Biden’s leadership is putting an end to this pandemic, getting our country back on track and helping us build back better than ever before.” 

The American Rescue Plan provides 5.1 million Virginia adults with $1,400 relief checks and expands the child tax credit to over 1.5 million families, raising 85,000 children out of poverty. The state will receive nearly $2.2 billion to help schools continue to reopen safely, over $7.3 billion for state and local governments, $419 million for childcare workers, and health insurance premiums that are up to $1,500 less per month for older couples.

Published: Jun 7, 2021

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