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Monday, Feb 28 2022

Oshkosh Workers Slam Ron Johnson (Again)

Feb 28, 2022

Over the weekend, supporters of Wisconsin jobs and members of Oshkosh’s UAW Local 578 rallied to reverse Oshkosh Corp.’s decision to place 1,000 USPS vehicle manufacturing jobs in South Carolina instead of Wisconsin. While Wisconsin workers are fighting for more jobs in the Badger State, Wisconsin GOP U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has refused to advocate for those good-paying jobs in his own hometown. 

At the rally on Saturday, 200 attendees used their platform to hammer Ron Johnson and corporate management. Local leaders, like UAW Local 578 President Bob Lynk, reiterated that — despite what Johnson may believe — “good jobs are worth fighting for.”

Johnson, who refused to take ownership after saying “it’s not like we don’t have enough jobs in Wisconsin,” has received repeated tongue-lashings from union members for his empty “rhetoric” — with one UAW member arguing Johnson hasn’t “been well informed on the situation.” 

Johnson has defended Oshkosh Corps.’ decision to base the USPS contract’s production in South Carolina, arguing that it is more “efficient” from a business perspective — the same exact argument that Johnson uses to justify and praise the outsourcing of American jobs.

Read more coverage of the rally below

The Oshkosh Northwestern: Oshkosh Defense union workers, leaders press on with fight to build USPS delivery vehicle in Oshkosh

  • “U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., on Feb. 5 told reporters he didn’t intend to try to persuade Oshkosh Defense to move production back to northeastern Wisconsin. Johnson said employers here already have trouble finding enough workers and that the company is best-suited to make the call on where to build the vehicles.”

Wisconsin Examiner: Rally targets Johnson, Oshkosh Corp. as company moves ahead with South Carolina plans

  •  “The speakers targeted corporate management as well as Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, who has defended Oshkosh’s decision to set up its assembly line in another state. Earlier this month, Johnson gave Democrats a sound bite that will be used repeatedly between now and November when he shrugged off the plans for South Carolina by saying, ‘It’s not like we don’t have enough jobs here in Wisconsin.’”

Wisconsin Public Radio: ‘Good jobs are worth fighting for’: Union workers rally support for bringing 1K jobs to Wisconsin

  • “The issue has become a part of Wisconsin’s 2022 U.S. Senate race since U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican from Oshkosh who is seeking a third term in office, said this month that he didn’t support efforts to pressure the company to bring the jobs to Wisconsin.”


Published: Feb 28, 2022

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