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News Monday, Feb 6 2017

What Ohioans Are Reading: "Show some backbone, Rob Portman"

Feb 06, 2017

Ohio editorial boards are blasting Sen. Rob Portman for his decision to vote with his wallet and support Betsy DeVos’s confirmation. Newspapers that just months ago endorsed his reelection now say, “Stand up and reject Betsy DeVos.”

Ohio papers admit that DeVos “isn’t qualified” and lacks the “competence and commitment” to fight for public schools, that she still owes Ohio over $5 million in campaign finance fines — and that she has bought Portman’s vote by donating $51,000 to his campaign.

Here’s what Ohio editorial boards are saying…

Cincinnati Enquirer: “Show some backbone, Rob Portman”

“Thumbs down. We’re disappointed to hear that Sen. Rob Portman intends to support President Donald Trump’s pick for education secretary despite concerns from many Ohio educators and constituents that she isn’t qualified…Portman says he’s going to vote for the nominee, who has donated $51,000 to his campaign.”

“Opponents of DeVos question both her competence and her commitment to public schools. Portman still has time to consider his choice. We hope he will arrive at the best decision for the children of Ohio and the nation, not simply party politics.”

Akron Beacon Journal: Not fit for confirmation — DeVos, Price and Mnuchin

“Betsy DeVos, the president’s choice for education secretary, falls short. The problem isn’t her support for charter schools…Her knowledge gap was evident in the confirmation hearing.

“Ohio offers another concern. DeVos served as the chairwoman of All Children Matter, a political action committee fined by the Ohio Elections Commission. The PAC gained upfront an advisory opinion. The commission said the proposed action was not allowed. All Children Matter went ahead, anyway, and received the $5 million penalty. DeVos today offers thin reasoning for the PAC failing to pay.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Sen. Rob Portman – Stand up and reject Betsy DeVos

“As became manifestly clear in DeVos’ confirmation hearing, she has no qualifications even remotely suited to the job… DeVos didn’t even do proper homework for her confirmation hearings…

“And although the courts ruled her personally not liable, a school-choice advocacy group she helped found and led for years never paid $5.3 million in fines for election-law violations in Ohio…

“Portman should just say no to DeVos.”

Published: Feb 6, 2017

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