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Wednesday, Jun 15 2016

Off The Prompter, Off His Rocker: Trump Goes Old School Unhinged In Georgia

Jun 15, 2016

Donald Trump was off the prompter and way off-message today in Atlanta, Georgia. For an hour and ten minutes, Trump meandered aimlessly through his favorite talking points: Polls (which are now “false”), anti-immigrant sentiments, eating hamburgers in lieu of state dinners, tent safety, and railing on Republican leadership.

Noticeably missing from Trump’s blathering was any mention of efforts to prevent those on terrorist watch lists to purchase firearms. In fact, the only mention of guns made by Trump was to suggest that more people should carry them in bars (and a brief aside to make some gun sounds.)

Enjoy the “highlights”!

On his poll numbers going up after Orlando shooting YouTube
Making gun sounds YouTube
The LGBT community has been in favor of what he’s saying YouTube
Belgium is a beautiful city YouTube
On the Orlando shooter: “He was born here but his parents weren’t”  YouTube
“If some of the people in that club had guns…” YouTube
“Ask the gays” YouTube
“Turning on” the aircraft carriers YouTube
Hamburgers, North Korea, and tents… YouTube
On Republican leadership YouTube

Published: Jun 15, 2016

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