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Thursday, Feb 1 2018

Then and Now: Hypocrite Hawley Says He Supports Birth Control After Repeatedly Bragging About his Role in Anti Birth Control Case

Feb 01, 2018

On the campaign trail, Josh Hawley has been known to brag and inflate his role arguing on behalf of Hobby Lobby in the well-known Supreme Court case that restricted women’s access to birth control. He even got his right-wing friends to exaggerate the work he did to allow bosses to control whether their female employees could get birth control. Yesterday, though, he tried to get himself out of the hot water he was in for blaming sex trafficking on the sexual revolution, by claiming to be a proponent of access to birth control.

THEN: “Josh Hawley, college professor and Republican candidate for attorney general, has been touring the state for well over a year speaking at Republican events and touting his accomplishments arguing last year’s Burwell v. Hobby Lobby ruling” (Missouri Times, 9/29/15)

NOW: “Get real. I’m for contraception & women working.” (Josh Hawley Campaign Twitter, 1/31/18)

“Josh Hawley’s ridiculous attempt to appear like he cares at all about women’s rights would be funny if it wasn’t so revolting,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier.“From his work to restrict access to birth control to his disgusting comments victim-blaming women affected by sex trafficking, Josh Hawley is no friend to Missouri women, and they will hold him accountable.”

Published: Feb 1, 2018

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