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Thursday, Jun 21 2018

All For Nothing: Rep. McSally’s Immigration Bill Just Went Down In Flames

Jun 21, 2018

Legislation McSally Bragged About Co-Sponsoring Failed by Nearly 40 Votes
Rep. Martha McSally has staked her political future on a brazen flip-flop, turning her back on Arizonans and running to the right in a desperate attempt to win her primary election. Today, her latest gamble went down in flames: her conservative immigration bill about which she has repeatedly bragged failed to pass.

McSally has been touting this bill for weeks:

“Soon, the House of Representatives will take up immigration legislation that I’ve been working on for months. This bill will provide a legislative fix so laws can be enforced and families stay together pending resolution of their case. Congress must step up to get a solution to the President’s desk.”

But just like McSally’s other flip-flops, this one backfired — this afternoon, her bill failed in the House, 193-231.

Let’s play back the tape: First, McSally flipped from a more moderate immigration bill in the hopes of stealing votes from her conservative primary opponents. Then, she tried toscrub evidence of her past immigration positions from the web. Finally, this week amidst national uproar, McSally failed to confront President Trump for his cruel family separation policy.

“McSally has proven she’ll say or do anything to win higher office. Arizonans can’t depend on McSally, but they can depend on one thing: whatever she chooses to do next, we’re sure she’ll do so with the utmost care — for her political career,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman.

Published: Jun 21, 2018

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