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Friday, Aug 22 2014

Nobody Arraigning On Rick Perry's Koch-Parade

Aug 22, 2014

Rick Perry was due to appear in court in Texas today for the formal reading of his two felony charges after being indicted for an abuse of power. But Perry thought to himself, why waste time at my arraignment in Travis County when I could be flying to New Hampshire to appear at an event with the Koch brothers’ Americans For Prosperity? 

That anyone could think Rick Perry might be able rehabilitate his image to the point of being a viable presidential candidate in 2016 is stupefying. Perry’s 2012 campaign went down in flames, and since then, he’s compared homosexuality to alcoholism and been indicted on multiple felony charges. But clearly Perry is still eying that impossible comeback, because YOLO.

Why else would Perry, the governor of Texas, be flying to New Hampshire to stump with Koch cronies about the state’s business tax rate? The trip highlights Rick Perry’s Tea Party priorities, for sure. But worse, it’s yet another indicator of the new power structure of the Republican Party. And Perry will be back with the Kochs and friends next weekend, joining the likes of Ted Cruz and Ben Carson at an AFP summit in Dallas. Yup, if you want to run for president, better start revving up your Koch-pandering engines now.

Published: Aug 22, 2014

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