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News Foreign Policy Monday, Jun 13 2016

No Foreign Policy Experience, But Trump Has Shady Business Ties To The Iranian Military

Jun 13, 2016

Donald Trump’s disdain for diplomacy and his ignorance of global affairs are as alarming as his penchant for cynical self-aggrandizing in the wake of horrific tragedies is disgusting. But while Trump lacks any foreign policy experience, he has a long and disconcerting history of shady, transnational business ventures that have seemingly produced dangerous conflicts of interest.

In Azerbaijan, Trump partnered up with Anar Mammadov, whose father is an Azerbaijani government minister “suspected by U.S. diplomats of laundering money for Iran’s military and described as ‘notoriously corrupt,'” according to the Associated Press.

Trump announced the project in January of 2015, but since then, the AP reports that all “references to the Baku project have disappeared from Trump’s website.”

Erasing details from his website doesn’t hide the fact that Trump may be involved with a front for the Iranian military.

Trump consistently prioritizes his profits over all else — most typically as working families and small business owners pay the price. Why would his approach to national security and foreign policy be any different?

Published: Jun 13, 2016

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