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The Wire Friday, Jun 22 2012

Where In The World Is Connie Mack The Fourth?

whereisconniemackWell, he jets around the country asking millionaires for money Running for the Senate to spend more time in DC Thought he represented Florida, but chills in Cali with his honey Where in the world is Connie Mack the Fourth? $1,000 luncheons when he drops by New York City Strike it rich at the Petroleum Club and everything's OK Pass the 10-gallon hat at his Dallas, Texas soiree Where in the world is Connie Mack the Fourth? Research after the jump.

The Wire Thursday, Jan 26 2012

Romney's Latest Flip: The 99 Percent

It’s been a tough week for Mitt Romney. After finishing a distant second in the South Carolina primary, Romney finally released his 2010 tax returns, revealing that he pays a lower effective tax rate than many working families despite his status as part of the 0.0006 percent. At Wednesday’s Univision forum in Florida, Romney took on a populist tone as he attempted to connect with middle-class voters. “I know what it takes to make America the most attractive place for jobs again,” he said. “I want to do that, not because I'm worried about the 1 percent. The 1 percent is doing fine. I want to help the 99 percent.” Of course, that’s the kind of language that Republicans – Romney included – typically deride as “class warfare” and the politics of “envy.” When asked last week how he would “support the 99 percent,” Romney accused his questioner of “hurting the country,” adding, “America’s right and you’re wrong.” Watch Romney's sudden change of tune:

The Wire Thursday, Jan 19 2012

Huffington Post: Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Invested In Stericycle, A Company Now Targeted By Anti-Abortion Activists

On January 17, 2012, the Huffington Post reported:

One of the highest performing companies in which the private equity firm founded by Mitt Romney invested is now a top target of the most vehement anti-abortion groups in the nation. Stericycle, a massive medical waste disposal service company, received a $75 million investment from Bain Capital in 1999 and soon became an industry leader. Today, it has more than 485,000 customers worldwide. Its clients include hospitals, blood banks, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. But it has also helped dispose of medical waste from Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics -- waste that included aborted fetuses -- and that has attracted the ire of the pro-life community and establishment Republicans.
Read the full story here.

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