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Wednesday, Jun 15 2016

News & Observer: "Burr defends Trump"

Jun 15, 2016

Clearly, Senator Richard Burr is hoping the rumors are true and he’s a top candidate for the second spot on the Trump ticket this November.

Burr continued his Trump lovefest yesterday evening, quickly coming to The Donald’s aide after he was criticized by GOP leaders for reinforcing his proposed Muslim immigration ban:

Afterward, [Trump] tweeted, “In my speech on protecting America I spoke about a temporary ban, which includes suspending immigration from nations tied to Islamic terror.”

To Burr, that meant a pause in such immigration, not a ban – even though Trump used both words.

“The speech said ‘pause’ – it did not say ‘ban,’ ” Burr said in talking with a handful of reporters Tuesday. “There’s a big difference in that.”

Despite his anemic poll numbers, Burr is standing by the presumptive GOP nominee’s divisive policies. Burr has never been concerned about what North Carolinians want though — only what is most politically viable. Keep practicing those talking points, Senator — maybe instead of being a failed senate candidate in the fall, you can join the ranks of failed veeps.

Published: Jun 15, 2016

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