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Monday, Sep 15 2014

New Video Shows Sen. Pat Roberts Taking Credit for Farm Bill He Voted Against

Sep 15, 2014

New tracking footage from American Bridge shows Pat Roberts discussing the importance of the Farm Bill with members of the produce industry at a United Fresh Conference last week. Roberts states plainly that “we passed the Farm Bill,” before getting into details about the specifics of implementation.

Only there’s  one problem: “we” didn’t pass the farm bill, per se. Pat Roberts in fact was one of only 32 senators who voted against the Farm Bill, which luckily for Kansas, passed easily without his help.

That’s just one of many self-interested decisions Roberts made while pandering to the right to desperately save himself from a strong primary challenge, selling out Kansans in the process. As Dave Weigel writes at Slate, Roberts is now up with a television ad taking credit for bringing the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility to Kansas — a project that he voted against funding just a month before voting against the Farm Bill.

Putting your political career ahead of the state you purport to represent is reprehensible. Turning around and trying to distort your record on those issues is even more pathetic.

Watch our tracking footage below and read Dave Weigel’s story here:

Published: Sep 15, 2014

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