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News Friday, Sep 19 2014

NEW VIDEO: Rick Scott's Swindle

Sep 19, 2014

It takes a lot for Shady Rick Scott’s ethical lapses to make headlines at this point. Why he’s set the bar very high for himself with scores of unsavory scandals, attempts to mislead, and even flat out lies. But he’s outdone himself this time.

Around $2 million has been thrown behind an aggressive attack ad featuring a mysterious man, who Rick Scott and the Republican Party of Florida refused to identify, claiming that Charlie Crist and Scott Rothstein swindled him out of all his money. But the man’s identity was finally tracked down by the Miami Herald, and surprise surprise, the ad is incredibly misleading.

The truth is that the man was a wealthy investor who recovered his $8 million from Rothstein, and the lawsuit had nothing to do with Charlie Crist. This blatant dishonesty from Rick Scott, who still stands by the slimy ad, has been rebuked by everyone from the media to lifelong Republican and former State Senator Mike Fasano, who summed it up nicely:

“This is as low as you can get… Enough of this type of campaigning, and enough of Rick Scott.”

Watch our new video:

Published: Sep 19, 2014

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