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News Thursday, Aug 30 2018

NEW VIDEO: Ohio Law Enforcement Slams Mike DeWine Over Body Armor Scandal

Aug 30, 2018

Watch Ohio law enforcement officers slam DeWine

“Makes me sick to my stomach”

“A colossal failure of the administration
of Attorney General Mike DeWine”


Mike DeWine was inundated this week with television coverage of Ohio law enforcement slamming DeWine over his ongoing body armor scandal. Last week, the AP reported that law enforcement officers working for DeWine begged the Attorney General to supply them with new bulletproof vests to replace expired vests officers were using. But while DeWine ignored the officers’ pleas for new bulletproof vests for over a year, he apparently planned to get himself fitted for his own brand-new vest.

“Law enforcement officers were going into the field without the proper protection because Mike DeWine was apparently too busy planning to get himself fitted for his own personal bulletproof vest,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Mike DeWine is an entitled, selfish politician who puts his own personal interests ahead of the law enforcement officers working for him who are actually facing danger.”

Watch a sample of the television coverage the scandal has received below.

Published: Aug 30, 2018

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