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Wednesday, Jul 20 2016

NEW VIDEO FROM AMERICAN BRIDGE AND NARAL: Trump To Hand-Off Domestic Agenda To Most Extreme Anti-Choice VP In History

Jul 20, 2016

As Mike Pence prepares to take the stage tonight, Donald Trump reportedly promised his vice president would be the “most powerful vice president in history.” While a President Trump would focus on “Making America Great Again”, his vice president would be in control of both domestic and foreign policy. 

Donald Trump thinks women should be punished for seeking an abortion, and he’s found the perfect vice presidential nominee in Mike Pence who has the record of actually hurting women’s health. WATCH the new video from American Bridge and NARAL Pro-Choice America

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Enter Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Trump’s pick for vice president and the most extreme anti-choice vice presidential nominee in history. This is who Trump wants to control the domestic agenda of a Trump administration.

  • Pence also led a coordinated effort to deny all federal funding to Planned Parenthood. When asked if Pence would shut the federal government down over Planned Parenthood funding, Pence answered, “Well of course I am.” 
  • Pence’s radical crusade against reproductive rights only strengthened as he moved into Indiana’s governor’s mansion. Earlier this year, Pence signed legislation that would require a fetus be cremated or interred in the event of a miscarriage.  
Jessica Mackler, President of American Bridge 21st Century: “Throughout his decades in public life, Donald Trump has made offensive comments about women. As a presidential candidate, Trump continued this rhetoric by proposing extreme policies that are dangerous for women. By choosing Pence as his running mate, Donald Trump has brought the backwards views on women’s health that the GOP has been espousing for years to the top of the ticket.”

Sasha Bruce, NARAL Senior Vice President for Campaigns and Strategy: “According to press accounts, Donald Trump wants to put his vice president in charge of foreign and domestic policy, while he focuses on ‘making America great again’. If that is true, every American, and women in particular, should be very fearful of the man taking the stage tonight. When Donald Trump said he wanted to punish women who had abortions you’d think he couldn’t possibly find someone more extreme to be his Vice President, then along came Mike Pence. Mike Pence has one of the most extreme, dangerous, and out-of-touch records when it comes to abortion and reproductive health. A Trump/Pence Administration is a clear and present danger to every value we hold dear and would turn back the clock on decade’s worth of progress.”

Published: Jul 20, 2016

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