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News Tuesday, Feb 28 2017

NEW REPORT: Patriot Flames: Trump’s Disastrous First Forty Days

Feb 28, 2017

It’s only been five weeks, but Donald Trump is already making our country and the world more dangerous.

Trump’s first 40 days as president have been plagued by incendiary executive orders that hurt U.S. families and global adversaries that are taking advantage of his weak leadership. While his self-inflicted scandals and bungled policy rollouts have kept Trump and his Administration on the ropes, his Cabinet of predatory billionaires and reckless decision making have had significant implications for American families.

Read American Bridge’s new report here:

Tonight, Trump will discuss some of the most significant and destructive aspects of his agenda, but don’t count on him to level with the American people about the real nature of his reckless plans. This report uncovers the truth on the damage he’s already done and what he has in store.

• On the economy, Trump hasn’t done anything that will create jobs. Instead, he is erasing important consumer protections and giving power back to Wall Street and the big banks that have infiltrated his Cabinet.

• On health care, Trump is ripping away healthcare from 20 million Americans and colluding with health insurance CEOs so they can make money from people getting sick.

• On the environment, Trump is gutting the EPA and destroying progress we’ve made on reducing global warming in favor of oil and gas companies’ profits.

• On immigration, Trump is setting up the American taxpayers to be on the hook for his insulting border wall and starting a deportation force that will break apart families.

• On women’s health, Trump has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood and has made abortion access harder around the world.

• On the budget, Trump is instituting draconian cuts to foreign aid and other vital programs that will make us less safe.

• On infrastructure, Trump is prioritizing business profits over responsible reviews that protect communities and the environment.

• On child care, Trump is pitching a plan that would benefit wealthy, two-parent families instead of focusing on the people who need help the most.

• On foreign policy, Trump pushed his reckless Muslim ban that won’t do anything to protect the U.S. and makes our country less safe.

• On Russia, Trump and his Administration’s ties to Putin and the Kremlin are already leading to a more dangerous world.

Read “Patriot Flames: Trump’s Disastrous First 40 Days”

Published: Feb 28, 2017

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