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News Thursday, Oct 25 2018

NEW MICROSITE: “Hawley’s Hiatus” Underscores Josh Hawley’s Lightweight Official Schedule

Oct 25, 2018

Today American Bridge launched, a microsite that uses public calendars released by the Office of the Attorney General to visually outline Josh Hawley’s time as Attorney General.

Hawley’s two years as Missouri Attorney General haven’t exactly been rigorous: an analysis of official scheduled events reveals Hawley has worked an average of three hours per week in 2018 during the months available.

“In most jobs, working three hours a week would get you fired. But GOP Golden Boy Josh Hawley thinks three hours a week is enough to merit a promotion,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Hawley’s slacker schedule is absolutely stunning, and absolutely disqualifying.”

Here’s a glimpse of Hawley’s lightweight schedule:


Check out the full site here.

Published: Oct 25, 2018

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