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News Friday, Oct 7 2016

New Interactive Website: Which Donald Trump will show up to the debate?

Oct 07, 2016

Ahead of Sunday’s presidential debate, American Bridge today launched, a new project that tackles the question of “Which Donald Trump will show up at the debate?”, by presenting a range of possibilities, from “Unapologetic Con-Artist Trump” to “Go Fu*k Yourself Nuclear Trump,” with corresponding video clips that encapsulate each Trump “mood.”

“No matter which Donald Trump comes out on the debate stage Sunday night — erratic, unhinged, ready to go nuclear, or even low-energy and on-message-for-an-hour — Donald Trump lacks the temperament to be commander in chief. Trump is at the end of the day a racist, a man who dodges taxes; admires dictators; stiffs small business owners; body-shames women; attacks Gold Star families, prisoners of war, and servicemembers suffering from PTSD; and can be baited by a mere tweet. We’ve got it all on tape — and there’s no way Trump can get away from that.” 

—Jessica Mackler, President, American Bridge 21st Century


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Published: Oct 7, 2016

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