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News Wednesday, Oct 31 2018

New GOTV Ad Featuring Creepy Bill Schuette Video Urges Michigan Women to Vote Nov. 6

Oct 31, 2018

Watch the new ad here

American Bridge launched a new GOTV ad in Michigan today featuring the infamous video of Creepy Bill Schuette sexually harassing a female reporter. The original footage was released by American Bridge earlier this month. Since then, Schuette’s campaign has struggled to regain its footing.

Yesterday news broke that Schuette’s campaign was canceling most of their remaining television ads. But Schuette’s awful day didn’t stop there. Huffington Post reported yesterday that Schuette’s campaign lied about the video’s origin in an odd attempt at damage control. Schuette’s campaign originally tried to downplay the video’s significance, dismissing it as “heavily edited” and old news. Both those claims have now been proven false.

The GOTV ad featuring the video also highlights Schuette’s comments in a debate that his sexually harassing the reporter was simply him “trying to be funny.” The ad will run on social media starting this afternoon and is targeted to female voters.

“Creepy Bill Schuette might think sexual harassment is funny, but Michigan women do not,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Michigan can stop this creep from becoming Governor by voting November 6.”

Watch the new ad below:

Published: Oct 31, 2018

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