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News Wednesday, Mar 9 2016

New Day, Same Result: Party Of Trump Wins Out Over Establishment Republicans

Mar 09, 2016

The results are coming in, and voters have sent another clear message to the Republican establishment – what used to be the GOP is now the Party of Trump. With resounding victories for Donald Trump and more underwhelming performances from Marco Rubio, it’s clear that it will take more than a robocall or two from failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney to save the party from itself.

It’s no wonder that party leaders are still tripping over themselves attempting to explain away the significance of Trump’s dominance – the consequences will be disastrous for the party and for down-ballot races. But with every Trump (and Cruz, for that matter) win, the math for the establishment looks more and more impossible.

Voters have spoken, and they’re telling the establishment one thing, loud and clear: the Republican Party is the Party of Trump, and that’s unlikely to change.

Published: Mar 9, 2016

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