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News Monday, Apr 10 2017

New Bridge Project Digital Ad Highlights Trumpcare Consequences to Kick Off Congressional Recess

Apr 10, 2017

To kick off congressional recess, Bridge Project is today launching a new digital ad that will highlight the disastrous Trumpcare consequences that Republicans are trying to inflict on the American public in order to to finance tax cuts for the super wealthy.

As Republicans leave Washington for the congressional recess, they will come face to face with Americans alarmed by what Trumpcare would do to them and demanding answers from their members of Congress.

The ad launch comes as Republicans will face constituents who are deeply alarmed about what Trumpcare would mean for them, and who deserve answers from their members of Congress.

Despite a humiliating defeat in March, Republicans are still trying to rip health coverage away from American families with another version of Trumpcare that could become even more dangerous. Polling continuously shows that Trumpcare is extraordinarily unpopular with the American public, and that the Trumpcare debate is rapidly costing Republicans support.  This is unsurprising for many reasons:

  • The White House’s own budget office estimated that Trumpcare would strip 26 million Americans of their health insurance.
  • The Congressional Budget Office found that Trumpcare would cut over $800 billion from Medicaid.
  • Trumpcare would also cut funding for Medicare.
  • The AARP has decried Trumpcare for having an “age tax.”
  • The American Medical Association, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and private sector reports have all warned that Trumpcare would lead to devastatingly high costs for working, sick, and rural Americans.

At the same time that all of these effects would hurt vulnerable Americans the most, Trumpcare would give billions of dollars in new tax breaks to wealthy Americans.

“Republicans who support this disaster will be held accountable. The more Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress threaten the health insurance of 26 million Americans, work to force higher out-of-pocket costs onto working people and seniors, and try to drain Medicaid – all so they can cut taxes for the wealthy – the more people are seeing the truth: Trump is selling-out the very people who put him in the White House.” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. 

To view the new digital ad, please click HERE

Published: Apr 10, 2017

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