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Thursday, May 4 2017

NEW AD: American Bridge to Senate GOP: Trumpcare Is Your Mess Now

May 04, 2017

Following Republicans forcing Trumpcare through in the House, a new American Bridge ad is casting the spotlight on where the bill goes next: the Republican Senate.

Senate Republicans have been cheerleading for Trumpcare for months, with Senate GOP Whip John Cornyn saying, “If they pass it, we’ll pass it,” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell threatening his own Senators to support it, and Senate leaders already plotting how to get it passed without major changes.

This week, NRSC Chairman Cory Gardner boasted, “I think the Senate has the votes.”

The new one-minute digital ad, “Mess,” puts Senate Republicans on notice that they own this bill, and Americans will be watching:

Statement from American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp:

“Senators — this is your mess now. Trumpcare is a disastrous bill that will take a wrecking ball to Americans’ health care, and now responsibility for this legislation lands squarely on the shoulders of Senate Republicans. As the Senate GOP gears up to force through Trumpcare, Americans will know that their agenda is to make working families pay more for worse health care.

“Every single Republican Senator, and every Republican thinking about running for Senate, should know that they own every disastrous word of this bill — and voters will hold them accountable.”

Published: May 4, 2017

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