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News Wednesday, Apr 26 2017

New ​Bridge Project Ad ​Takes On ​Trumpcare's Latest Attack on Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

Apr 26, 2017

As we close in on the 100th day of the Trump Administration, a new Bridge Project digital ad highlights Donald Trump’s latest cynical attempt to force Trumpcare through Congress – only this time with changes that would make it even more agonizing for American families.  Trumpcare would now give states a backdoor to roll back protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions, which is an assault on every American’s access to health care and would decimate the finances of millions across the country. 

To watch Bridge Project’s new digital ad, “Trumpcare Guts Your Coverage,” click HERE.

“Donald Trump has used his first 100 days to turn his back on all of the people he spent the campaign promising to help. His self-serving agenda puts everyone else last, and Trumpcare’s tax-breaks for the very wealthy are a key example. But evidently it wasn’t devastating enough, as Republicans have now added a gigantic loophole that throws Americans with pre-existing conditions – like cancer – under the bus, and guts requirements that health insurance cover the most basic treatments.  This is nothing short of shameful,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. 

Polling shows the American people have decisively rejected Trump’s replacement for the Affordable Care Act:

  • ABC News/Washington Post Poll: “Just 37 percent of Americans in the national survey say Obamacare should be repealed and replaced; 61 percent say it should be kept and fixed instead. Even more broadly, the public by 79-13 percent says Trump should seek to make the current law work as well as possible, not to make it fail as soon as possible, a strategy he’s suggested.”

The White House’s own Office of Management and Budget estimated that Trumpcare would not “cover everybody,” as Donald Trump promised throughout the campaign, but would in fact deprive 26 million people of their health insurance. His proposal would also be disproportionately painful for working people, senior citizens, and rural Americans.   

However, as Donald Trump is in embarrassing  negotiations with his own party to simply keep the government open beyond his first 100 days in office, he is also trying to ram Trumpcare through in a form that would effectively end protections for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions as well as requirements that health insurance companies cover essential health benefits, such as hospitalization, maternity care, and prescription drugs. 

Published: Apr 26, 2017

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