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News Tuesday, Mar 1 2016

Nailed It!

Mar 01, 2016

After going 0-for-4 in primaries but undefeated in expectations-game “second-place wins,” Marco Rubio and his campaign, being the consummate professionals that they are, are bringing their A-game one more time. 

Team Marco spent all day lowering Super Tuesday expectations:
Rubio surrogate -- its not about winning tonight
Rubio top campaign aide preps donors for bad Super Tuesday long campaign
Then, good-candidate Marco Rubio took the last-minute opportunity to ratchet expectations right back through the roof:
Rubio - we feel great about MN & VA
Rubio - Trump has no chance of ever getting the delegates he needs
Nailed it! No wonder this guy’s winning.

Published: Mar 1, 2016

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