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Wednesday, Mar 10 2021

Millionaire Ron Johnson Says Constituents “Don’t Need” COVID Relief, School Reopenings, or Vaccines

Mar 10, 2021

Watch Johnson claim his struggling constituents don’t need $1,400 checks

Yesterday, millionaire politician Ron Johnson said in an interview that Americans “didn’t need” the American Rescue Plan. Yes, this is the same Ron Johnson who gave himself and his rich friends a massive tax cut, but won’t lift a finger to help his constituents who’ve lost jobs, wages, and health care because of the pandemic.

Among the things in the COVID relief legislation that Ron Johnson says his constituents don’t need:

  • $1,400 COVID relief checks.
  • Funding for vaccine distribution. 
  • Funding to reopen schools.
  • Expansion of child tax credits that would benefit 1,159,000 children in Wisconsin alone.

“It is stunning to hear one of the richest members of Congress like Ron Johnson say his constituents struggling to pay their bills don’t need any type of relief from the pandemic,” said American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Ron Johnson blew up the deficit to give millionaires like himself a tax cut, but refuses to give any help to his constituents who can’t afford to pay their rent. The only thing Wisconsin ‘doesn’t need’ is Ron Johnson in the Senate.”

Published: Mar 10, 2021

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