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News Monday, May 22 2017

Michael Flynn's Lies Continue to Add Up As Things Go from Bad to Worse for Trump

May 22, 2017

It’s only getting worse for Michael Flynn and Donald Trump. After Flynn decided to invoke the Fifth Amendment instead of complying with a subpoena from the Senate Intelligence committee today, he was caught lying to the Pentagon about receiving $45,000 from the Russian government propaganda network RT and his contacts with Russian officials, during the time he was renewing his top-secret security clearance.
“Michael Flynn is a liar and it looks like the White House has been running a cover up operation. Now he’s in a new world of trouble and things are just getting worse for an Administration that appears hell bent on obstructing justice. What did Donald Trump know and when did he know it? And at what point will they finally tell the American people the truth?” said American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh.
NBC News: Flynn to Invoke Fifth Amendment Rights in Response to Senate Probe
The New York Times: Michael Flynn Misled Pentagon About His Russia Ties, Letter Says
Yahoo! News: Pentagon report found Flynn lied about Russia contacts in seeking security clearance

Published: May 22, 2017

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