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News Wednesday, Aug 31 2016

MEMO: Three Examples That McCain Is No Longer A Maverick

Aug 31, 2016

Primary Day is over in Arizona, but John McCain can’t rest easy. Three decades in Washington have changed Senator McCain — and Arizona knows it. McCain has morphed in to a partisan senator who does what is most politically expedient instead of representing his constituents. Arizona deserves a senator, who’s going to be strong, stand up and protect what’s important for the people of the Grand Canyon State. 

The “maverick” who worked across the aisle is long gone, replaced by a party loyalist who puts the GOP before the USA. While that attitude helped him win tonight, the general electorate won’t be so easily fooled.  McCain has abandoned his bipartisan immigration reform efforts, back peddled on earmarks, and repeatedly supported the nativist, xenophobic Trump.

Take a look at how McCain has traded Arizona for Washington partisanship:

  • McCain has abandoned his immigration reform principles. 
  • McCain again abandoned his principles when he back peddled on earmarks.
    • Once a core focus of McCain’s maverick branding, McCain is now campaigning on how he can use the power of the pork. Washington Post’s James Hohman notes the shift, describing the senior senator on the trail saying, “he rattles off stuff he could deliver if given six more years.”

  • And the ultimate example of McCain choosing party over country, he has spinelessly stood by  GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.
    • The senior senator from Arizona has stood by Trump, even calling him a “Great American,” because of his party loyalty. The same Donald Trump who is a racist, misogynist  and who’s success as a businessman is only from cheating small business owners and stealing the life savings of vulnerable Americans.
    • McCain is voting for Trump, but he won’t even say if he trusts Trump with the nuclear codes. How can Arizona trust someone willing to put our national security into the hands of Donald Trump?
    • Check out the crazy things John McCain and other GOP senators and candidates have said in defense of Trump at

Published: Aug 31, 2016

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