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News Wednesday, Mar 1 2017

Meet the New White House, Same As the Old White House

Mar 01, 2017

What’s that about a pivot? Spare us. This morning Sebastian Gorka, White House national security adviser and widely disdained terrorism expert, wouldn’t say if the President believes Islam is a religion instead stating “we don’t need to get into theological debates” and admitted the Trump administration would not listen to counter-terrorism experts that served in the Obama administration. Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn said Islam was a political ideology hiding behind this notion of it being a religion.

In response to these offensive remarks, American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh released the following statement:

“It’s sad that this needs to even be said but thanks to the racists in the White House, it’s where we find ourselves: Islam is a religion. Full stop.”

“What we heard this morning was chilling but not surprising considering Trump’s history and bigotry. The President’s views are offensive and are at direct odds with the principles laid out in our constitution – a reality that we’ve been repeatedly reminded of, and will be once again put on full display whenever Trump revives his Muslim ban. One speech last night can’t change the truth about this Administration’s agenda which is recklessly going to make us less safe by isolating us from allies.”

Gorka won’t answer if Trump thinks Islam is a religion listen here.

Published: Mar 1, 2017

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