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Tuesday, Aug 12 2014

Meet Glenn Grothman And The *New* GOP

Aug 12, 2014

After an embarrassing cycle for the GOP in 2012 — from a clown show of a presidential primary season that saw the likes of Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain as temporary frontrunners, to Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock and friends mansplaining the intricacies of rape-induced pregnancy — Republicans knew something needed to change. So they commissioned an autopsy report that identified their shortcomings and charted a new course to broaden their appeal.

Then, the GOP promptly took that report and used it as kindling at a giant Tea Party bonfire, and continued on their merry way rightward, to the ever-shrinking base they know and love.

Tonight, the “New GOP” added its latest star: Glenn Grothman, winner of the WI-6 GOP primary.

Here’s an overview of some of Glenn’s greatest hits:

And Grothman is just one of a handful of incoming House Republican hopefuls with a flare for the offensive. Here are some other bright spots for the New GOP.

Jody Hice, GA-10 nominee:

Lenar Whitney, LA-6 candidate (open primary on 11/4)

Dave Brat, VA-7 nominee

So it’s safe to say the GOP rebrand is going pretty, pretty well. It’s kind of like an episode of Extreme Home Makeover, but when they do the big reveal at the end, they’ve replaced a tiny, run-down apartment with an even smaller tent. Godspeed.

Published: Aug 12, 2014

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