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News Taxes Friday, Sep 18 2015

McCrory Tax Increase Is Another Broken Promise

Sep 18, 2015

Breaking another 2012 campaign promise, Governor Pat McCrory has announced his support for a budget that increases taxes on middle class North Carolinians. In a rush to end North Carolina’s protracted legislative session, the governor is putting politics ahead of North Carolina families. The budget will increase fees on car registration, sales taxes on maintenance for cars and home appliances, and fees for newborn screenings.

The North Carolina state chapter of the Koch brothers’ head political group, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), quickly released a statement of support:

“North Carolina is lucky to have leaders like Gov. McCrory who listen to concerned citizens and deliver measurable tax relief at home and in the private sector,” said State Director Donald Bryson.

“Gov. McCrory knows that lower taxes are good for all businesses, individuals, and families, who deserve fair and equal treatment under revenue laws.”

While the Kochs may be pleased with the big tax breaks McCrory has carved out for billionaires and corporations, middle class families are not feeling “relief at home” — they’re hurting. McCrory’s backing on this budget doesn’t just increase taxes, it increases his re-election vulnerability. It affirms what many North Carolinians already know to be true: McCrory says one thing and does another. He can’t be trusted to keep his promises.

Published: Sep 18, 2015

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