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Tuesday, Oct 6 2015

Marco Solidifies His Nickname: 'No-Show Rubio'

Oct 06, 2015

no-show rubio

Marco Rubio is facing questions of his chronic absenteeism. The Boston Globe reported yesterday that he’s missed almost 30 percent of Senate votes this year, and has skipped 11 percent of votes over his 5-year career in Washington.

It’s no secret why Rubio is playing hooky. He’s shirking his duties to his constituents in Florida to further his personal political ambitions. But instead of leaving that self-evident fact alone, Rubio tried to muddy the waters and explain why his abysmal voting record is inconsequential. Like his answers to most policy questions, it’s hard to follow his logic:




On an appearance on the NBC’s “Today Show” this morning, No-Show Rubio said: “No, in fact the majority of the job of being a senator is not walking on to the Senate floor and lifting your finger on a noncontroversial issue and seeing which way you’re going to vote…the majority of the work of a senator is the constituent service to committee work, that continues forward unabated.”


As The Huffington Post helpfully pointed out: “Rubio’s point about committee work is a bit odd given his absence from the Senate Foreign Relations full committee and subcommittee on which he serves. According to a Politico review of his record from 2011 to 2014, Rubio missed 52 of 106 hearings on both panels.”

Published: Oct 6, 2015

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