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News Monday, Mar 7 2016

Marco Rubio Saying Second-Term Presidents Can't Nominate Supreme Court Justices?

Mar 07, 2016

Credit where credit is due: Marco Rubio might have found the most preposterous excuse for the Senate trying to prevent President Obama from doing his job and nominating a Supreme Court justice. The president is “completely unaccountable,” Rubio alleges, because he won’t be up for reelection.

That’s right. Despite all precedent to the contrary, Marco Rubio now says any second-term president shouldn’t be allowed to put forth a nominee to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court because they don’t face voters again. That just doesn’t make sense. First of all, President Obama has nearly a year left in office to fulfill his constitutional responsibility to put forth a nominee, and he has every right to carry out that duty. Secondly: remember this?

Either way, the nonsensical “accountability” principle would similarly apply for Marco Rubio. He isn’t up for reelection, either — so why should he be allowed to vote in the Senate?

Maybe that’s why Marco Rubio’s diligently skipped 90.3% of roll call votes so far in 2016. But it doesn’t explain why he’s blown off 68% of all committee hearings since he joined the Senate in 2011. 

We’re impressed: it must be exhausting to be so consistently horrible about doing your job.

Published: Mar 7, 2016

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