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Friday, Jun 9 2017

Marco "Check and Balance" Rubio Defends Trump, Attacks Comey

Jun 09, 2017

When he was running for Senate in 2016, Marco Rubio promised to be a check on Donald Trump. Let’s check in on just how that’s going…

Marco Rubio, 2016: I “will act as a check and balance on whoever the president is even if it is a president from my own party.”

  • Rubio: “The Senate needs to fulfill its role as a check and balance on the president, no matter who it is, and that means a president of our own party.” (6/16)

  • Rubio: “We need to be willing to stand up to the presidency, even if they’re of your own party.” (7/16)

  • Rubio: “I have never hesitated to oppose his policies I disagree with.” (10/16)

…Watch the video of Rubio promising to be a “check and balance” on Trump.

Marco Rubio, 2017: Washington Post: Rubio Defends Trump in Comey Questioning

  • Rubio “devoted his entire allotted time to essentially easing the blow for the president.”

  • Rubio also tried to cast doubt on Comey’s behavior in the entire affair.”

  • “Rubio also asked Comey why he hadn’t told Trump directly that it was inappropriate for a president to ask an FBI director for details of an ongoing investigation”

  • “Rubio’s decision to use his time to try to tamp down the focus or importance of Comey’s interactions with Trump is notable, at least because the senator once described Trump as a “con man” who couldn’t be trusted to be president.”

…Watch the video of Rubio shamelessly covering for Trump.

Published: Jun 9, 2017

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