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Donald Trump Friday, Mar 6 2020

Make America Sick Again: Trump to Campaign From Mar-A-Lago Amidst Public Health Crisis

Mar 06, 2020

During the Coronavirus public health crisis, rather than doing his job as president, Donald Trump is jetting to his Mar-A-Lago compound — more concerned with holding back-room meetings and raising dirty campaign contributions from the ultra-rich and his corporate cronies. Trump is fumbling the Coronavirus response by spreading misinformation and failing to deliver on his goal of having a million COVID-19 test kits ready – creating chaos in our public health system.

“In the middle of a public health crisis, Donald Trump cares more about hobnobbing with wealthy donors than focus on protecting the country,” said American Bridge Spokesperson Kyle Morse. “After spreading falsehoods about the risks of Coronavirus, failing to deliver on promised testing kits, and calling for dangerous cuts to the CDC, he’s now playing politics with our public health. It is crystal clear that Donald Trump’s failed leadership cannot just meet the rigorous demands of this moment and that he’s a danger to our entire country.”

Published: Mar 6, 2020 | Last Modified: May 15, 2020

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