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News Tuesday, Mar 6 2018

Lou Barletta Trashes His Own Record On Crime

Mar 06, 2018

On the radio last week, Lou Barletta essentially trashed his own record on crime to defend his do-nothing policy on gun violence, saying making something illegal only helps criminals like drug dealers and makes their business “skyrocket.”


That’s right, on Sue Henry’s radio show, Lou Barletta undermined his entire career of bragging about tough-on-crime policies as Mayor of Hazelton.


“Rep. Barletta’s ridiculous defense for doing nothing to protect Pennsylvanians from gun violence is either completely disingenuous, or he had a brief bout with amnesia,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “If Barletta truly believed what he said, that means the tough-on-crime policies he promoted as mayor of Hazelton and loves to talk about only helped ‘gangs and drug dealers.'”


Listen to the full clip radio here.
Full transcript:


“It’s unfortunate, and nobody really wants to talk about this. But as a mayor I saw it. You know when we make something illegal, it doesn’t stop it. It doesn’t take ’em off the streets. It then, people, bad people end up making a lot more money. Gangs and drug dealers will — their business will skyrocket as soon as we do this.


“You know it’s just like we made narcotics illegal. You know, we all know what’s happening in our country with that. So — so it will make us feel good, but at the same time I could tell you there won’t be one less automatic or semi-automatic weapon on the street, it’s just who they’re going to buy it from.”

Published: Mar 6, 2018

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