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News Wednesday, Jan 24 2018

Lou Barletta STILL Defends Congressman Who Says Staffer "Invited" Sexual Harassment

Jan 24, 2018

As Republicans run as fast as they can from creepy Congressman Pat Meehan — who told the New York Times today that his staffer “invited” his sexual harassment —  his friend and colleague from Pennsylvania Rep. Lou Barletta is still sticking with him.

On Chris Stigal’s radio show Monday, Barletta praised his colleague as “a very good member” and criticized the bipartisan consensus that Meehan should face severe consequences, saying, “We should not just rush off to judgement until we have all of the facts.”

In fact, Barletta was so defensive of his buddy, he said four times during the interview that Pennsylvanians should wait until they have “all the facts.” He’s remained silent on Meehan since.

Meanwhile, Meehan continues his press tour defending his behavior, saying that the woman was his “soul mate” and telling the New York Times Tuesday that the woman he settled a sexual harassment case with ” ‘specifically invited’ his intimate communications, and that he was emotionally wounded when she filed a complaint against him.”

“It’s bad enough that after reports about his colleague sexually harassing a staffer and spending thousands in taxpayer money to settle a case with her, Lou Barletta defended this creep as a ‘great legislator,’ ” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Now Barletta is even standing by as his friend blames the victim for his disgusting behavior? It’s totally contrary to Pennsylvania values.”

Barletta on Meehan on 1210 WPHT:

  • “Pat, who I know very well, and who has been a great legislator and is a great legislator, he has denied it….We have to give both sides their due time. “
  • “I know Congressman Meehan very well, and he’s been a very good member of the Pennsylvania delegation….we have to wait until we see all the facts.”
  • “We should not just rush off to judgement until we have all of the facts.”
  • “Everybody should have…the opportunity to have their day, to give their side of the story before we pass judgement.”
  • “I just feel that we should not just rush off to judgement until we have all of the facts, you know.”
  • “Settlement doesn’t always mean guilt.”
  • “We have to wait until we have all the facts.”

Published: Jan 24, 2018

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